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Mission of the Prairie Grove Historical Society:

The major objectives of the Society shall be to discover and collect any material which may help to establish and illustrate the history of the area and its people. It may collect printed material, manuscripts, artifacts, and museum items relevant to the history of the area and see to the conservation, preservation, and protection of those items and establish a museum and archives in which to house those items. To assist public or private entities in restoration, preservation, conservation or protection of historic sites or items of a historic nature with relevance to Prairie Grove, Arkansas and the surrounding areas; assist in the furtherance of historic education of any kind or in any field to its members and their families and individuals or relatives of individuals from Prairie Grove, Arkansas and the surrounding areas or individuals or groups engaged in some form of historic education or research pertaining to Prairie Grove, Arkansas or the surrounding area.

 Article II, Section 3 of Prairie Grove Historical Society Bylaws.

The museum is always interested in obtaining artifacts related to the City and immediate surrounding areas.  To make a donation, please use the email form to submit the information pertaining to the artifact(s) for acceptance by the museum.

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